Top Tips

Fear not!

  • Do not be afraid to try things: you can always re-edit it and fix it :-)
  • For those of a nervous disposition, use the PlayGround to try things out - that is an area especially for learning how to edit wiki pages.
  • Note that a full editing history of who did what when is always available via the Old revisions button on every page

Dokuwiki Structure

This dokuwiki is organised in a simple hierarchy. Try and preserve this!

The hierarchy is shown on the left in the navigation menu. You can see where you are by looking at the “You are here” box at the top of every page.

The “Trace” line near the top of the page is a “breadcrumb” trail of where you've been - so you can easily go back to a previous page by clicking it..

Please do add to the Wiki Issues page! In that way we'll get everything perfect…;-)


A few quick “leg-ups” on how to do basic stuff. You can also see syntax documentation here

Create new page

To create a new page…

  1. edit the page you want to link from
  2. add the link into this e.g.
    • if (as is normal) you want to add a page relative to the current one, and below it, put a dot infront of the current name like
      [[.thispage:newpage|New page below this page]]

      This is the preferred way of doing things in case we/you change the hierarchy at all.

    • if you just put a dot infront of the new page, it will create a page in the current namespace, .e.g
      [[.newpage|New page at same level as this page]]
    • You can always see the current hierarchy in the “You are here” section at top of the current page.
  3. Use a short meaningful title for the first “H1” title: this will appear as the title on the folders in the navigation window
  4. save the edit and click the new link you've created. This will give you a page prompting you to create it
  5. you may want to delete the original link to it from the page in the first step.

You could also use your favourite editor if you're a firefox user, with the It's All Text! extension.

See also dokuwiki faq

Delete a page

  1. edit page
  2. delete all contents
  3. save page

it will now be removed.

Add a Link


  • Use the

    syntax, carefully remembering the wiki:page hierarchy,

  • Do the following…
    1. Edit your page
    2. Whilst in the editor, open up the “folders” in the navigation hierarchy on the left to find the page you want to link to
    3. Right click on the text of the page
    4. select the “Insert as DWlink” item from the menu
    5. Click the thumbnail here to see an example…
      Easy addition of links

Syntax top tips

  • Once you're editing a page, use the quick-syntax buttons presented to you, or look up syntax here (this is on the navigation menu on the left).
  • The table of contents will appear automatically after 3 headings have been created.
  • You can also add nice note boxes like this using plugin

Default note

Warning note

Important note

Tip note